Comparing Screens on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the New Samsung Galaxy S3

The popular Galaxy S2 was recently joined by his new team the Galaxy S3, which is the latest Android flagship phone company. The Galaxy S2 is famous for the quality of its touch screen, and in this article how his successor is measured in this department. 

One of the first things you will notice if you own these phones side by side is the size difference. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is much larger than its predecessor thanks largely to the screen. At 4.8 inches, it's a full half-inch larger than the Galaxy S2. Of course, there are many benefits to having a larger screen, especially if you use your mobile phone for multimedia tasks, such as watching videos, playing games or surfing the web. 

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is recognized for the quality of its capacitive touch screen S-AMOLED Plus, which offers many advantages such as excellent color saturation, viewing angles and high levels of detail and clarity of your images to 'screen. This contributes to the multimedia device identification information, such as high-definition video can be played in all their glory on the big screen. The Corning Gorilla glass commonly used is also included, which prevents the screen from being accidentally scratched when it is thrown or carried in a pocket or bag with items such as keys that could damage the screen. 

Essentially, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is based on the winning formula of the Galaxy S2, especially in terms of your screen. Most Innovative interface Samsung (TouchWiz) to date, based on the new version of "Ice Cream Sandwich" Android offers many new features like S-Voice (voice Siri-like activated personal assistant), and even SmartEye monitoring . The Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the most advanced smartphone on the market, and the screen plays a big part of the appeal of the machine.

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