Complaint Review Herbalife Side Effects and Is Safe? Is It A Scam?

Complaint Review Herbalife side effects and is safe? Herbalife is a company that sells products and health supplements since 1980 and its products are distributed through multilevel marketing. The company offers a variety of weight loss products, including ShapeWorks (shakes weight loss protein-based and pills), Snack Defense (appetite control), Full Control (metabolism booster) and Cell-U -Loss (reducing cellulite).

Herbalife has experienced some of the main complaints realated to health: The original formula was made with herbs Ma Huang and Sida cordifolia containing ephedrine. Some people who take supplements had adverse reactions and Herbalife insurance premiums increased, so that the company has ceased to ephedra in their products. In 2004, the FDA banned all supplements containing ephedrine.

Despite the change in formula, there have been more recent complaints related to Herbalife: In 2007, doctors have made scientific studies about Herbalife Israel, which resulted in a link between consumption of Herbalife and hepatitis. The Spanish Ministry of Health placed a warning accordingly, warning citizens to be careful if taking Herbalife supplements.

A laboratory test by the Discovery Institute fraud found high lead levels in Herbalife that what is legal in the original state of the Californian company, but other laboratory tests ordered did not find the same results. Also in May 2008 a woman who developed liver problems linked to lead filed a lawsuit against Herbalife, claiming their products caused him health problems.

In 1996, the Food and Drug Administration evaluated Herbalife and stated that the products were safe for the moment, but it is important to note that none of Herbalife products are actually approved by the FDA, which oversees the safety and efficacy some products. Some websites that sell Herbalife as say "Since these products are nutritional food supplements they are safe." It is not worth; nutritional dietary supplement industry is largely unregulated, and there is no guarantee they are safe unless they are approved by the FDA - the Herbalife site explicitly says the products are not. Nearly 9,000 former Herbalife distributors said the company is running a pyramid scheme. So it's safe Herbalife? Meanwhile, some studies show that it can cause dangerous health problems.

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