Depression Herbal Medicine A Viable Alternative To Prescription Drugs Depression?

Herbal depression medication is usually promoted as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical treatment of depression. However, the final verdict on the usefulness of herbal medicine for depression plants must still be done. Although the efficacy of herbal antidepressants should be examined case by case, we can say that there is a general problem with the evaluation of potential herbal medicine depression lies in the fact that little clinic there a statistically relevant data. Moreover, there seems to be only a limited interest from the medical establishment to undertake studies that test the effectiveness of most medications for depression herbs. So what is the evidence that herbal antidepressants are effective treatments for depression?

St. John's wort

St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is the best known and best studied herbal antidepressants. He was known as a herbal remedy for depression and other diseases disease for centuries. In Europe, where the drug based depression plants is generally prescribed by doctors, several clinical studies have shown wort be an effective plant-based antidepressant in cases of mild to moderate depression. However, two clinical studies in the US recently reported that St. John's wort extracts are more effective than placebo in major depression (must be noted that while a study was funded by the pharmaceutical industry). The exact mode of action of this drug herbal depression is unknown, although there is evidence that it acts on serotonin production or -Activity. Despite all the limitations and open questions, as St. John's Wort is currently the only cure depression herbs with clinically proven effect on some types of depression.

Another herbal depression

Other antidepressants commonly known herbal are Gingko Biloba and Siberian Ginseng. For each of these antidepressants based on alleged plants there circumstantial evidence that seems to show its potential as a herbal remedy for depression. An additional major problem with any depression of herbal medicine, and limited clinical evidence, is that the quality of various extracts of commercial strains can vary considerably and there may be problems of purity and efficiency. Especially compared to standard drugs for medicine for depression depression based plants in general it is not distinguished as the first choice of treatment options. However, when other more traditional treatments fail, or particularly in the case of St. John's wort, in cases of mild depression, using the herbal medicine for depression plants may be worth trying. In all cases, you must realize the limitations and potential dangers of depression herbal medicines.

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