Essential Guide To 3G SIM Cards For Mobile Phones

3G SIM cards for mobile phones are becoming more popular these days. As with other SIM only company, this kind of mobile plan allows you to keep your existing phone and enjoy cost savings, because the load for the phone will not be included in your rates. 3G SIM card will also give you the advantage of a significantly better performance on your phone. As the successor of 2G, which is designed to simply manage calls, texts and access to basic Internet, 3G allows your smartphone to work 10 times faster when going online. The result is that you can watch high quality videos on sites like YouTube, or upload photos to Facebook on the go. 3G also offers better call quality than 2G.

Explain 3G SIM cards

A 3G SIM card (also known as USIM name) contains data that allows 3G mobile phone to access a 3G network. If your phone does not support 3G, however, 3G SIM card will work as a standard SIM card to store information. The difference between the traditional SIM and a 3G SIM card is that it offers significant improvements to your mobile experience. These are the main advantages they offer over conventional SIM card:

nhanced security

USIM includes a more powerful algorithm that is based on ongoing research cryptology. This will protect your phone against fraudulent access, eliminating charges for calls you did not.

More memory

3G SIM cards can store thousands of entries and contacts with a large number of areas (such as email addresses and phone numbers side).

Power Performance Added

USIM are actually mini-computers that allow different applications to work together providing a contactless card for the metro, plus an address book and a local service portal.

How to get a 3G SIM card for your phone

Make sure you have a 3G phone

Your first step before even considering 3G SIM only business is to check if your phone supports 3G.

Unlock Mobile Phone

Then you have to look to see if your phone is locked, which means that only accept a SIM card network provider who originally obtained.

Shopping around for the best deal

If you purchased a 3G phone outright, you do not need to unlock it and can proceed to shop for the best available SIM 3G case.

Keep your existing phone number

If you want to keep your existing phone number with a new 3G SIM card, contact your current mobile network and request a port authorization code (PAC). Then contact the supplier of the 3G SIM business you have chosen and which will complete the transfer, usually within 3 business days.


3G SIM cards are actually the key to the next generation that lets you enjoy all the high-power applications and features that smartphones have to offer. Choosing a 3G SIM only offers is also one of the most affordable ways to pay for their mobile services.

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