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Working with a multinational company that values ​​talent and offering growth and learning opportunities is a dream of every job seeker. Samsung is one of those multinational companies that can do wonders in his career. Specializing in media and digital devices semiconductor systems, integration and Samsung is the preferred choice among customers and job seekers.

About Samsung

Samsung is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in South Korea with a leadership in a wide range of companies covering more than technology, skyscrapers, hotels and semiconductors. digital TV semiconductor and DRAM for smartphones, elegant international company operating for over 70 years in various companies involving creativity, speed, and research and development.

Samsung Electronics, its main business is the global market leader in digital media and high-tech electronic products manufacturing base. The company not only plays a crucial role in the evolution of life of its customers, but is an important part in promoting the career of his World employees.With a talented team, passionate Samsung is taking the world in a new imaginative leadership by providing products and world class services.

Samsung India

Since the beginning of its operations in India in 1995, Samsung Electronics has emerged as a leading provider of telecommunications products, computer and consumer electronics in the country. Samsung India employs thousands of employees in different companies.

The office features Samsung Noida large facilities for mobile phones, color TVs (LCD, LED and 3D), washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioning. O
ther offices of the company include Sriperumbudur and Bangalore.

Samsung India has won recognition for its products and business innovation initiatives in different product categories. Creating a great place to work, the company also pays attention to the importance of action for corporate responsibility. Samsung CSR programs dedicated to environmental and social needs.
Why join Samsung career?

The business dynamic multinational giant is one of the largest multinational company in the world. Engaged in the overall development of employees, Samsung offers a perfect blend of external training in the workplace and home work for their employees. Working with a global corporation like Samsung, allows employees to live a rich work culture. Samsung is a leader, where lucrative career opportunities waiting for you. So be a part of Samsung career to nurture their skills and improve their career prospects!

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