Goji Juice Mythbusters Fact Vs Fiction

Goji berry juice goji and other health supplements have become very popular in recent years. A quick Google search returns thousands of Web pages with excellent information on goji.

Goji juice contains 500 times more vitamin C than orange juice do?

Several websites claim that the goji berry juice contains 500 times more vitamin C than orange juice. This statement is quite easy to check - just compare the amount of vitamin C in equal amounts of goji juice and orange juice.

The goji juice bottle we checked was 15 mg of vitamin C per fluid ounce. Orange juice we checked was 9 mg of vitamin C per fluid ounce.

Conclusion: The Goji berry juice has less than two times the vitamin C found in orange juice.

Goji juice can increase your energy levels?

In a double-blind placebo-controlled study conducted by Freelife International, its brand goji berry juice GoChi has been found to significantly improve the energy levels in test subjects. The study also showed the juice has helped to improve athletic performance, as well as other health benefits.

Conclusion: Yes, wolfberry can increase your energy.

Are goji juice has been shown to help cure cancer?

Some promoters goji without scruples asserted that goji can help cure cancer. There are no scientific studies linking whole goji juice product for a cure against cancer.

Conclusion: It is illegal and unfounded the claim that Goji juice can cure cancer.

Goji juice can help you sleep better?

The same study placebo-controlled, double-blind, led by Freelife International, the GoChi juice brand also helped guinea pigs sleep better, wake up more easily and be more alert.

Is the oldest man who ever lived attribute their longevity to goji berries?

There are several stories about the very elderly who attributed his long life and health to eat goji berries. One story says that Li Ching-Yuen, who lived to 256, ate goji berries every day.

According to a quote from a 1950 magazine article, Li Ching Yuen claimed to eat berries daily goji.

Goji juice is a powerful antioxidant?

In another controlled double-blind study against placebo conducted by Freelife International, the GoChi juice brand showed three antioxidant effects in the body within 30 days: higher levels of SOD, peroxide higher levels of glutathione, and damage free radicals less.

Conclusion: Yes, goji juice provides benefits to the powerful antioxidant health.

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