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There are many Goji juice brands that have a variety of ingredients. Many are made from the Lycium barbarum goji berry. This variety of goji berry is said to be the most beneficial to your health.

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Goji berries are commonly grown in Tibet, Mongolia, Asia and India. However, the most nutritious goji berries are grown in the mountains of the Himalayas. Historically, they were only grown in the mountains themselves, but with an increase in commercial demand goji berries are now grown throughout the region. Goji juice research has led many scientists to learn about the goji berry, particularly how it benefits humans. For years, the natives had used goji berries to promote good health and longevity, but Western culture had not even heard of.

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Cultivated in extreme conditions during the summer and winter, this plant is rare. Goji plants grow at its best with a moist, well drained soil that is dark and rich. Because winters are harsh, these plants rely correctly and go, they bloom with flowers cone-shaped purple or white in spring. As summer progresses, ripe red berries. The goji berry has been dubbed red diamond fruit because it is bright and shiny red.

Come autumn, goji berries are harvested by hand to avoid bruising. Often, a blanket is placed on the floor to catch any berries that may fall, which helps prevent bruising. After harvesting, the berries must be evaluated to determine their nutritional quality.

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Goji juice research is a broad topic that is a bit difficult to study. Search for goji berries are abundant; it is recognized as a super fruit that is beneficial for the health of everyone. Celebrity magazines, newspapers and health magazines carry articles and research that confirms the health benefits of these berries.

An industry manufacturer, Freelife Inc., held a goji juice research in its own brand (GoChi juice), which documented 19 different health benefits. These three separate studies examined the benefits for overall health, the effect it had on the immune system and the antioxidant study. The first study lasted only 14 days, while the second research study of two goji juice lasted 30 days each.

Mark Goji juice is not endemic on the Internet; It is an ongoing process.

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