Herbal Tea

Tea and its benefits

World teas extends beyond our imagination. Teas were common tastes world wide. This tea has the origin in the eastern part of the world including Japan, China and India. Although it was originally given by herbalism as a medicine for the treatment of various diseases, but slowly and gradually developed tastes.

Therefore, these teas have two objectives. There are countless teas available in the markets. These are created in search of tastes and individual needs for individuals.

We are proud to present you complete range of herbal teas that has been conceptualized on the ideology of Ayurveda and Chinese medicines. These are also prepared, bearing in mind the tea lovers.

1. Arjun herbal tea -

Arjun or Arjuna tea is an herbal tea that will nourish our hearts and makes us heal al kinds of problems related to the heart. Arjun tea has a component of arjuna was once a world renowned herb for the treatment of all types of heart defects.

2. Digest herbal tea -

Digest tea is an herbal tea that will keep your digestion to the optimized levels.

3. Green tea -

Green tea is an herbal tea that rejuvenate you and make you relive all your tiredness and fatigue. Green tea will relax and would relive all the problems they face.
4. Kof herbal tea -

Kof tea is an herbal tea that has been created for you relieved of all your breathing problems. Kof tea will not only help you recover any cough and cold problems, but also tone your throat and make your immunity strong to face any infection.

5. Laxa herbal tea -

Laxa tea is an herbal tea that has been specially designed to manage your constipation problem. Tea Laxa facilitate peristaltic movements and facilitates easy evacuation of the intestine.

6. Lean herbal tea -

An herbal tea that has been creating waves in the world due to its excellent results in making you lose weight. Ayurvedic herbal tea formula contributes to easy weight loss in a spam space short.

7. Stress herbal tea -

Stress herbal tea is a unique formula that is very useful to relieve you of your stress. Stress tea helps to open all channels of the body, then to evacuate the harmful chemical additive that stress is the main cause of stress.

8. Sleep herbal tea -

Tea Ayurvedic herbs, which is one of the best and safest way to induce sleep. It is completely safe for your health.

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