Herbalife Controversy What Is The Truth About Herbalife?

Herbalife has had more than its fair share of controversy since it was founded by Mark Hughes in 1985. They have been accused of many things, including pyramid selling and obscure products, but they came out fighting and have proven to be a legal company with a great product. But one thing is still to be answered - why so many people still lose money with Herbalife?

The problem with Herbalife is not with the products or the business model, is with the techniques used by many retailers trying to market and sell their products.

Multi-Level Marketing was born in the 1950s, and many of the marketing techniques has not changed since. The Internet is a phenomenal tool to use to market your Herbalife products. The whole world is just a click of a button and you have a huge market potential that people in previous generations simply do.

We also have high-tech telephone systems and equipment, such as auto-responders, you can do much of our work for us. Once you have highly targeted leads, you can use the phone for prospecting and closing, not for people to cold call that you know absolutely nothing. People will pick you already buy the product, and ready to deal with you.

Herbalife offers people an opportunity, but the way they deal with this opportunity is up to them. People who want to succeed and realize the value of learning will seek training that can teach them to do all that is described above, and turn your Herbalife business in a huge machine of money making.

If you start a new job as a bus driver tomorrow not expect to dive in head first without training. Herbalife is the same. If you want to improve yourself and improve your business acumen you need to undergo training and advice.

The failure to properly train will ultimately lead to failure in Herbalife. Get specialized training and implementing proven techniques will lead to success.

This is the truth about Herbalife controversy, and it's not as bad as people make out.

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