Herbalife Really Change Lives?

Heard about Herbalife booth and went to the mall for years, but never paid attention to it.


Herbalife International was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes as nutrition company, weight control and skin care. Hughes started the company after his mother death being attributed to poor eating habits and a healthy approach to diet and weight loss. He started his company would become an empire of "petaling protein shakes the trunk of your car!" Now that sexy! What show. While introducing people to the product, Mark wanted to give people the opportunity to earn extra income so he structured the company using a direct sales model, which allows people to become distributors and earn an income selling products door-to-door and via word of mouth advertising.


Herbalife products include weight control, energy, fitness, nutrition, and personal care products and solutions.

Background Made Juicy SCAM

In 1985, the California Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Herbalife for making false or exaggerated statements about the effectiveness of their products. The company closed the case for $ 850,000 without admitting wrongdoing. Herbalife originally used ingredients containing an appetite suppressant ephedra, and in 2002 they stopped using this ingredient after it was banned by the FDA.

In May 2008, the Discovery Institute of fraud, made a request that the results of Herbalife products for laboratory tests showed lead levels above the permissible limits established by law in California. The fraud Discovery Institute was founded by a man named Barry Minkow. According to a report in the Los Angeles Business Journal online, Barry Minkow served seven years in jail for stock fraud, and prove that its business benefited allegations by shorting Herbalife. Herbalife then issued a response indicating that its products meet the federal requirements of the FDA and released independent lab tests have proven that the products do not exceed the limits that the initial process had claimed.

On 10 May 2008, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman who allegedly developed liver complaints lead as it was a reaction to a combination of related Herbalife products. The lawsuit was filed by lawyer named Christopher Grell, who was an associate of Barry Minkow. June 17, 2008, the process was expanded to add distributors who had supplied the woman with the Herbalife products, with Grell launching a website to offer people who believe they were harmed by Herbalife products the possibility of repair. In August 2008, Minkow collected all accusations against Herbalife and removed any mention of the company in its website.

Wow! The compensation plan

The company claims to pay 73% of their turnover, and there are several different ways that people make money, including the following:

    retail products to consumers generating a profit between 25% -50%
    wholesale distributors generating a profit of up to 25%
    monthly premium of an additional 2% to 7% in the total sales volume of your company.
    Overall, after 32 years in Herbalife game keeps going strong and is certainly a legitimate business opportunity. They continue to produce and retail products that consumers really want and continue to attract new distributors in the business.

As with any network marketing company and especially because of saturation and competition is a factor, WORK will certainly need to succeed with Herbalife. The products are sold not only and connections will not automatically land on your lap. Proceed with caution and realistic expectations! Education and information is so freaking sexy!

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