Herbalife Review Full Review Welfare To Wealth

Herbalife International began as the dream of a man there nearly 30 years. Mother of Mark Hughes, Joan had struggled with her weight and after years of taking prescription diet pills, one day she overdosed and died. Poor Mark, who never knew his father and grew up on the hard side of town, was devastated.

With the help of some very smart scientists and physicians Mark Hughes Herbalife has created a blend of essential plant protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and fiber, as well as spa and health benefits of Chinese herbs.

His grandmother Mimi was her first client. She lost 20 pounds and has 20 clients and Herbalife was born February 22, 1980.

In 1984, Herbalife International was $ 402 million and sewn that Herbalife could not miss.

Herbalife was taken to the Supreme Court and Mark Hughes defended his company, saying that "if these so-called experts were as smart then as they are all so big? Seams to me, they need to be in our products "

Mark won a great victory that reaches much deeper than just the Herbalife business and he saved his business.

Today Herbalife is now in 70 countries, 29 years of business, has 1.9 million distributors, has more than 100 million weight loss testimonies making it easily the number one weight loss worldwide , reached US $ 3.8 billion in 2008, far surpassed only by Amway and its distributors and prepared for further growth in creating health and wealth of its history.

A new UCLA Medical Advisory Board headed by Dr. David Heber, director of the UCLA Center for Human Nuturition and including the World renowned Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro.

The world-renowned business philosopher Jim Rohn is still with the company since its inception, and now not only speaks for Herbalife International.

And the old guard of hundreds of thousands of loyal and faithful distributors, leaders and supporters who have a passion for Herbalife and enjoy a common cause that no other business opportunity provides. The mission for good nutrition!

And through all the storms and the good times, Herbalife International has remained true to the philosophy of Mark Hughes. To provide the best products based nutrition of plants of the highest quality and Science and the best business opportunity in the world to create real and sustainable wealth, providing richer fairer compensation plan and in industry.

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