Herbalife Review How To Add Up?

Herbalife was founded there more than 30 years, in 1980, by an illiterate man named Mark Hughes. His mother had struggled with losing weight all his life and during this fight has become addicted to the weight loss pills that have led to other pills addiction. She died of a drug overdose when Mark was 19. At that time Mark has decided to make a healthier way for people to lose weight. That's where the idea came from Herbalife.

Over the past 30 years or so there have been struggles, trials and errors, ups and downs, like most companies. However, Herbalife has continued to learn from mistakes and use them to get better and better. They have continuously sought to make healthy products, high quality and ultimately help people achieve their health goals.

Herbalife has been in business for as long as he was ripping people off continuously or produce below normal products. There were hundreds of thousands of people who have had success with Herbalife products.

The company has several product lines and continues to grow. From now on, these lines include:

· Loss and Weight Control

· Perfume skin and hair health, including

· Line Sport - Herbalife 24

· Digestive Health

· Cardiovascular Health

· Women's Health

· Men's Health

· Children's Health

· Healthy Aging

· Energy

· Stress management

· Immune System Health

As someone who has been on several network marketing companies, that Herbalife has been the most rewarding. The products work incredible.
Not say the same about any of the other companies that worked. They must remain anonymous at this time.

It boggles my mind when talking about MLM companies that will be rich only their distributors; they just want their distributors to do well so the company can make money. Herbalife wants users of their products to make and sell more products, so they make great products to ensure that this happens. They want their distributors to do well so they can get more distributors to provide training to ensure that distributors have all the tools they need.

From what experienced with the company everything is done for the benefit of others, not the company itself. But is it really matter if Herbalife is making money or they do it to help others. The point is Herbalife provides products and high training to use products to help people healthier. The company offers a wide training and resources for retailers to succeed in their business so they can have the life they want.

One thing to note is that all Herbalife Distributors is a helpful honest person, there are some who do not know how to help others succeed in their goals or even how to get them started. There are thousands of people out there looking to help others become successful every day.

One thing seen is that people complain about the results when they are not taking the time or effort to make the products or business work. As with anything, if you want success, you must work for it. Herbalife seems to make it a little easier to do this with your compensation plan, products and phenomenal training.

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