Hey Vegans, What You Should Put On Your Pizza?

If you are a vegan, particularly a new vegan, or if you have to cook for a vegan, you can ask to make a good vegan pizza.

Making a vegetarian pizza is quite simple, since vegetarians eat cheese. So you can make a cheese pizza or just load a single cheese pizza with all kinds of vegetables.

The challenge of a vegan pizza is that vegans do not eat cheese. The original pizza, the one on which all others are based pizzas, from Naples in southern Italy and is known as the marinara pizza. This first original pizza was actually made without cheese.

This seems very strange to most of us who are used to match pizza with drip stringy cheese. But in Italy and southern Europe in general, no cheese pizza is very common.

In the Mediterranean region, which covers North Africa and the Middle East Asia and Southern Europe, the pastry is sometimes used as a pizza base. And cheeseless pizza in phyllo is absolutely amazing.

In fact, even if we think of pizza toppings, when we think of pizza, what really makes a great pizza is the base. Without a suitable base, no matter the quality of your pizza toppings are your, unfortunately, be a flop.

A real Marinara pizza is made with 00 Italian flour, which is as fine as talc, but with lots of gluten and protein, so it can be stretched extremely thin but is very strong and has excellent thin crust basic.

If you do not have a pizza oven fire, do not worry. Although you can get wood fired ovens affordable for your garden now, there is also an amazing pizza oven countertop that did a great job. Alternatively, you can get a pizza baking stone also gives superior results.

The Marinara pizza has the only authentic toppings marinara sauce, garlic, oregano and olive oil.

Pizza fast food American tradition of piling on the toppings on your pizza is not for that.

You can get very creative special combinations and using as

oasted garlic in the oven for pizza and red pepper
    Garlic, dried tomatoes, olive oil, high quality olives (with pits!) And mustard seeds
esto pizza with tomatoes
Mushrooms and artichoke hearts seasoned with lemon juice and pepper Pizza
    White house garlic sauce with caramelized onions, fresh tomato slices and a light pinch of crushed red pepper
Pizza potatoes (sliced ​​paper thin potatoes with fresh rosemary, chopped onion, pepper (optional), and extra virgin olive oil) - definitely a strange pizza to American ears, but a common favorite in Europe.

Then you replace the vegan cheese for cow's milk cheese, and you can even get meat substitutes that taste pepperoni, salami or ham.

There are even vegan pizzas frozen as preppy.

So as you want to go, there are really many choices for vegans want to eat pizza.

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