Himalayan Goji Berry Juice The Science Of Life

The fountain of youth is a myth, but there is a recent culture of drinking on the world market that comes close to the promise of the eternal vitality and well-being. This drink is Goji berry juice extracted from a fruiting vine that grows in the inhospitable slopes of the Himalayas. The power of Goji berry fruit is rooted in ancient cultures, whose influence remains pervasive in these modern days. Ayurveda (Sanskrit "Ayurveda" or science of life) medicine of India, reputed to be the oldest health system in the world, said Goji berry as a key outcome in medical care.

There are varieties of Goji berries are now available on the market, mainly through food supplements online health sites. Among the most valuable is the Goji berry from the Himalayas that many interest online dietetic food sellers is totally different from his Chinese counterpart. In China, goji berries (also popularly known as wolfberries) are grown in large commercial plantations through some agricultural regions such as Ningxia.

Goji berry Himalayas, moreover, is promoted as another plant species, a wild plant grown in slopes and valleys of Mongolia and Tibet worked isolated. The Himalayan Goji berry, according to his drummers, is a difficult plant that Chinese variety and thrives in extreme temperatures of heat and cold. Goji juice Himalayan resulting from Tibetans and Fruit Mongolia is said to be a more potent drink with more dense in nutrients. It was also suggested in promotional materials that Chinese berries are smaller and slightly bitter taste, compared to the larger bay and softer bigger, Himalayan Goji.

Generally, a multitude of nutrients are generated by Goji berries. Health Enthusiasm and welfare that Goji juice provides centers in four polysaccharide molecules that could be derived from the drink. These polysaccharides, called simply as LBPs, are said to be unique in Goji berries. The Goji juice production today has been updated to follow the beverage industry technology. To meet the different tastes of consumers, Goji berry juice beverages are reconstituted to include concentrated grapes, pears or apples. Many goji berry juice products marketed as dietary supplements or as an alternative weight loss have per serving content 20 calories, 5 g total carbohydrate, 4 g sugar, 15 mg of vitamin C, 36 mg of potassium.

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