History Of Chicago Style Pizza

History Of Chicago Style Pizza Reviews

The pizza Chicago-style "deep-dish" that many people love was invented Pizzeria Uno in Chicago in 1943, allegedly by founder Ike Sewell One, a former football star at the University of Texas.

However, one of the Chicago Daily News in 1956 stipulates that the chief Original Pizza Uno Rudy Malnati developed the famous recipe. The foundation of the pizza is simple. The pizza crust is then prebaked before the toppings are added to give it greater spring.

Parbaking is a cooking technique in which a product of bread dough or a baked part and is then quickly cooled or frozen. The crust is then covered with cheese (cut usually mozzarella) and covered with meat and / or vegetables such as Italian sausage, onions and peppers.

Tomato sauce consisting of crushed or mashed is then added. Usually this is covered with grated cheese mixture to add extra flavor.

Furthermore Uno, famous deep-dish Additional restaurants include Uno Due companion restaurant, which was opened just down the block by Sewell in 1955. However, a year earlier, in 1954, the Original Gino Pizza, located on Rush Street , opened, and 12 years later, in 1966, opened Gino East.

Other restaurants include Deep Dish Edwardo Connie Giordano, Carmen Pizano (which is owned by the son of Rudy Malnati, Rudy Jr.), and Lou Malnati (which was initiated by another son Rudy Malnati and is now managed by grandchildren and 26 locations in the Chicago area).

Chicago deep-dish pizza is famous around the world. So many Chicago deep-dish pizza restaurants send their pizzas, partially cooked in the Americas.

In the mid-1970s, two chains of Chicago, Nancy, founded by Rocco Palese and Giordano began experimenting with pizza deep dish and stuffed pizza created.

A Chicago magazine article with the stuffed pizza Giordano popularized the dish. Other pizzerias that are stuffed pizzas include Bacino of Edwardo and Carmen. Also do more thin crust pizzas.

Stuffed pizzas are often even higher than the deep-dish pizza, but otherwise it can be difficult to tell the difference until you cut into it. Filled pizza usually has a crown density much higher than any other type of pizza.

As with deep-dish pizza, a thin layer of dough is a bowl in a high pot of face and toppings and cheese are added. Then an additional layer of dough passes over and is pressed onto the sides of the bottom crust.

Punch pizza manufacturers often a small hole in the top of the "pizza" hat to allow air and steam to escape during cooking. This allows the pizza sauce to penetrate the cake. Pizza sauce is added to the top layer and the crust is then baked pizza.

Chicago pan pizza Chicago is similar to the traditional pizza deep dish served in other parts of the country, and baked in a deep pot-like face, but its crust is too thick - a cross between crunchy buttery crust and focaccia.

Toppings and cheese often go above a pizza pan instead of under the sauce as is traditionally the case with deep-dish pizza and filled. Place cheese and toppings on the variety of pizza pan like a thin crust pizza with a thick crust and more.

In addition to pizza Chicago-style deep-dish, there is also a unique thin crust pizza Chicago, sometimes called "dish pizza." The mass is fine, firm, usually with a crunchy texture, unlike a New York style pizza, but thick enough to be soft and mushy at the top.

The crust is topped with a generous amount of Italian style tomato sauce. There is usually no visible pieces of tomatoes in the crust. A covering layer is added, and finally a mozzarella cheese layer. Chicago style pizza has a rich heritage and famous and admirers worldwide.

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