Prepare For The SAT Exam In A Budget Of $ 25

How Can You Prepare For The SAT Exam In A Budget Of $ 25

You can really prepare for the SAT test for under $ 25 while you can certainly spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on private tutors and preparatory courses for tests, the basic principles of the preparation of the SAT are available to all by nothing. So how do you properly prepare for the test with less than $ 25? Here are suggestions:


The first thing you must understand is the methodology to study for the SAT test is the same, no driving test preparedness you choose. This methodology is widely accepted in the industry and goes like this:
In simulated practical conditions
Test your level
Analyze problems that you missed
Repeating steps 1, 2 and 3!

Step 1: practice in simulated conditions

First, you want to get the practice of the highest quality SAT tests you can find. The best practice SAT tests are produced by the College Board in his book, "The Official SAT Study Guide". In more than fifteen years, children tutoring the SAT, the College Board tests to be, by far, than any other tests you find. Remember, the College Board are really the people who run the SAT exam, by definition, the practical test should be the best on the market. You can purchase "The Official SAT Study Guide" at your local bookstore or online at for under $ 20.
Now you're ready to sit down and do the test under "simulated conditions." Exactly what are "simulated conditions"? First, if the practical test called "20 questions in 25 minutes," then you must set the timer and be limited to 25 minutes to answer all 20 questions. Second, if you take your practice test at home, do not sit or lie down on the couch, taking the test. Instead, sitting at the kitchen table (preferably in an uncomfortable chair) or after school in a classroom table and simulate actual conditions of the test day. A key point in the practical tests: you only need to make a complete SAT test each time you practice. Instead, focus on the completion of a complete section of a test every time you sit down to practice (for example, a test section 20 or 25 minutes).

Step 2: The degree of test

This is the easy part. Immediately after taking the practice test section, you should quality of their answers to see which one you lost. Your brain is more open to absorb the knowledge that you are about to meet immediately for our next stage of "revision", but we must first identify the questions you answered incorrectly.

Step 3: Review your incorrect answers

After your quality test, you want to start immediately in evaluation mode. What questions should you see?
Answered the wrong questions
Of ignored issues
Questions you guessed correctly
The questions you are right, but can take a long time and you feel you need further evaluation
You should never separate the practice of evaluation with time. The first suggestion would be to join a study group! Participated in study groups at school, college, school and law school and they are certainly a fun way to learn a lot. Study groups work best when you end up with 2-5 different people. You have a great time and learn a ton.
Once you have established your SAT study group, you should plan to do a practical test in the classroom after school together. Make sure you take the test in timed conditions and after the test, you are quickly degree of your review. Now suppose everyone in your study group receives four (4) incorrect SAT problems. This is very unlikely, but guarantee that every student in your group will have different questions wrong. First, you will have to obtain correct explanations for the questions that you missed. What do you do if someone in your study group is able to answer a particular question? If your parents do not know the answer to the question at hand, then finding a teacher at school who can help. The teachers are great people and they turn away if you come to them with an academic question.
So what happens if you do not just have access to an adult? You can tap the collective knowledge and support of thousands of online forums through SAT. There are many websites that offer free advice and SAT often have bulletin boards where students post questions such as SAT College Confidential and my own free SAT preparation site ePrep.


You can spend a fortune on exam preparation services that may or may not improve your score. The most critical step that found through years of experience in preparing students for the SAT is to follow a very simple and proven strategy: Take practice test under timed conditions of Quality answers quickly Evaluation points of detail you want lost, ignored, guessed right, or take a long time Repeat again and again. You may think that just spent $ 20 to buy the College Board Book of practice tests, so that we do with our remaining $ 5 from $ 25 the preparation of the initial test budget was established? Go buy an ice cream before the test! It is a very long test.

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