How To Improve Your iPad WiFi Performance

Many iPad owners report problems with WiFi - either connect or stay connected to a wireless network.

Have done research and come up with the top ways to solve iPad WiFi connection problems.

You'd be surprised how complex instructions step by step ends with "if this does not work, turn iPad off and on again."

    Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button until the red slider appears, then drag to the right to turn off. To switch on, hold the button and let the iPad through its startup routine.

Users report that if you hold an iPad as taller than wide with his hands at his sides oriented book, his strong WiFi signal is weak, and low signal disappears. The iPad has a known problem with DHCP leases. Long story short, she tries to keep an Internet address in a DHCP network without renew the DHCP lease. 

When working in a DHCP network:

    Tap Settings / General. Under Auto-Lock, select "Never".
    If you lose the DHCP connection to work, press the blue arrow next to the network name and "renew the lease."
    When you have finished working on the network, do not lock the screen without stopping or deactivating the first Wi-Fi. To turn off Wi-Fi, go to Settings / Wi-Fi, and set the switch to "Off".

Increase the brightness. Many energy saving tips recommend you to decrease the brightness of the screen to preserve battery life, but if you lose connectivity, is an exchange. Nobody knows, but there is speculation that the iPad calculates that refuse its brightness is an attempt to save the battery life, and decides to turn off your Wi-Fi radio also.

Turn your brightness to maximum, and you can get a boost once your WiFi signal as well.

WEP and QoS.

    WEP is an encryption protocol. Your iPad is more at home with WPA2, if this protocol is available in the wireless modem you connect - to empty the WEP setting.
    QoS selects from a wide range of tracks automatically connect to the Internet - unless, of course, you are an Apple product like the iPad. Finally, if you can not keep a WiFi connection, at least, to keep abreast of Apple iPad software updates. For Apple, the iPad WiFi problems are a real threat that 'me too' tablets of the competition, and they promised corrections in future versions of the software.

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