How To Install The USB Nintendo Wi-Fi

If you do not have a wireless router, do not worry, you can still play on the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection using the USB Connector Nintendo Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions provided with the Nintendo Wi-Fi connector.

Your steps to install the Wi-Fi USB Connector Nintendo should be something like this:

1. Before using the Nintendo USB Wi-Fi, insert the installation CD and a recording tool appears. Click OK to start the installation. If the installer does not appear, navigate to the drive in "My Computer" and double-click the drive. If the installer does not start, double-click setup.exe from the disk drive.

2. Select your language and click OK to start the installation. If you receive an error stating that "You are not connected to the Internet," make sure you are connected first.

3. Insert the USB Nintendo Wi-Fi connection when he tells you. If you receive a notice saying "USB Hi-Speed ​​USB hub connected to a non-hi-speed", click OK.

4. Now click on the Nintendo Wi-Fi registration tool in the status bar in the bottom right corner of the screen to register your Wii.

5. Go into the settings of the Wii console and set the wireless connection "USB Connector Nintendo Wi-Fi" and press Next to continue.

Click on the Nintendo Wii nickname and select "Grant permission to connect." Press OK to test the connection.

You can also get the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection with a Wii LAN Adapter

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