How WiFi Key Android Can Improve Your Android Experience

One of the biggest benefits of owning a smartphone is the ability to carry Internet and all its convenience wherever you go. To that end, the article analyzes Android WiFi switching and limit its analysis to the compatible OS Android phones, although many of the advantages of distance from poor Wi-Fi switch to stronger WiFi or cellular signal accumulate each user smartphone.

The increase in the average speed of data:

Although the transition to a stronger data signal - either Wi-Fi or cellular - can not strike readers as a signal amplifier, an average speed over time doing Android WiFi switch will almost certainly mean higher average speeds. Indeed, instead of staying in a weak signal slow, Wi-Fi, users will go to a stronger, more often, faster Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Over a period of time that Android WiFi change should result in average data rate higher and the benefits will not stop data rates because the speed affects the battery.

Battery Saver:

With plans throttled or capped data, low battery remains one of the greatest weaknesses of the delivery of web smartphone go anywhere their owners have come to love and expect. What many smartphone users may not realize is completed as soon as possible tasks save the phone battery, which is an additional advantage of maintaining a WiFi switch on your phone, once you perform tasks on your strongest signal more regularly you can expect to save additional battery. In the world of smart phones whose batteries drain quickly, every bit helps; and thankfully the benefits of Android WiFi switching is not limited to the economy of the battery and faster data speeds.


If you were unable to upload or download information (email, photos, etc.) because you were stuck in a bad Wi-Fi, then you know how it can be annoying to have to disable manually your WiFi. Not only you have to stop what you are doing at this time to turn off your Wi-Fi radio, but you must remember to re-enable the Wi-Fi radio when you're back in the range close enough to open or already enabled network. Android WiFi switch did everything superfluous, as the widget or app will do the work for you. If you want to maximize your smartphone experience, consider downloading an app or widget that allows you to make an Android WiFi switch.

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