Insights Into The World Of Ancient Chinese Food Cooking

When you think of the old Chinese food, the first thing that comes to mind is rice. Proof of the rice harvest dates back as long as 5000BC. During the period between 5000 and our 2011 days, China produced and mastered a multifaceted system of cooking. This system includes identifying the right type of ingredients to be combined in a dish, steamed, fried, fried or boiled for cooking and flavoring various other techniques.

Furthermore, in this article, pointed out some old specific features of Chinese cuisine that can be noticed to cook today.

Styles of antique kitchen

The old Chinese food can be divided into southern and northern style cuisine. Rice and other rice products such as rice noodles, rice porridge and rice cakes are usually eaten with Southern dishes. Northern Chinese food also features pasta, bread baked in steam flavored, fried meat, steamed buns and sausages, and pasta. North of cooking the best known Chinese styles are the techniques used in making Tientsin, Beijing and Shandong.

The color, flavor and aroma of ancient Chinese cooking

Chinese people have always attached importance to the color, aroma and taste of food. Typically, a vegetable dish along with a non-vegetarian dish is cooked using a main ingredient, then adding minor ingredients 2-3 of complementary colors. This dish is filled with color, flavor and aroma.

3. Chinese food ancient preparation methods

Some of the main methods are old Chinese food cooking frying, flash fry, steam, stir-fried, pan and braise. More flavoring ingredients used in the manufacture of Chinese dishes. Some ingredients commonly used include black Chinese dried mushrooms, pepper, sesame oil, wine, peppers, ginger, garlic, green onion and cinnamon. The most important aspect is kept in mind when cooking an old dish is preserving the fresh, natural flavor of the dish by removing all unwanted odors using green onions and ginger. Vinegar, soy sauce and sugar are used to increase the richness of the dish without altering its natural flavor.

According to the ancient Chinese, a well-made dish should be hot and spicy for those who prefer spicy, sweet for people who love the sweet, slightly spicy for those who love the sweet and rich flavor for those who like strong flavors.

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