Learn The Basic Conditions For A Chinese Food Menu

Chinese cuisine is known worldwide for its rich history and various complex techniques and traditions involved in its preparation. Because of its high quality and competitive prices, there is a growing demand for Chinese food in the world.

Although most Chinese restaurants offer their menus with English translation and a vivid description of some authentic dishes, it is always better to know some basic terms of a menu of Chinese cuisine. These terms will not help you make the best choice in a Chinese restaurant, but also include revenue of Chinese food when you decide to cook some Chinese thing.

The following is a list of some basic terms of a Chinese course menu and their meanings:

1) Choy:

This term is used to describe plants that serve as appetizer and as a garnish, and are an important part of Chinese cuisine.

2) Crab Rangoon Crab Rangoon American popular Chinese appetizer refers to fried wontons stuffed with leeks, cheese, Cram, and crab.

3) Dun:

This term is commonly used in Chinese food menus and refers to eggs mixed with rice, beans, chicken and vegetables.

) Gay:

The word "Gay" is used for chicken in Chinese cooking. For example, "Moo Shu Gay 'is nothing but chicken served with plum sauce and vegetables.

) Ma Po Tou Fu:

Sounds strange? When you find a term in a Chinese menu, that this term simply refers to "spicy with soy cheese."

) Tiem and Suen :

There are many other exotic words, you will find a menu of Chinese cuisine, but those listed above are the most basic.

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