Learning Procedure Cisco IP Telephony Program

Cisco offers IP telephony program for professionals. IP telephony program will help candidates to get credentials for installation, configuration and maintenance of all IP telephony solutions from Cisco. This course focuses primarily on Cisco Call Manager call routing and signaling component of the Cisco IP telephony solutions.

Prerequisite to learning Cisco IP telephony program:

To learn the IP telephony Cisco program, applicants must have adequate knowledge on CVOICE (Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol) or equivalent knowledge on CVOICE. Applicants must also have adequate knowledge ICND (Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices) or knowledge which is equivalent to ICND.

IP Telephony Cisco Program Objectives:

Candidates must be skilled or have gained the powers right after learning a few certification courses.
2) The applicant must be able to configure the Call Manager server and Cisco Catalyst switch option to enable on-cluster calls. Also add users, as well as phones with Cisco call room database using the settings manually and bulk administration tool called.

3) The applicant must be able to configure the Cisco gateways and also to create a route map in Call Manager, to allow calls to remote clusters and therefore calls will be preserved even if the WAN fails or not excess.

4) The applicant must be able to configure the Cisco Call Manager, to enable the Cisco Attendant Console and Cisco IP application assistant manager.

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