Make Low-Fat Delicious Pizza

Of course, even healthy food tasteless does not lend itself well as a substitute for tasty foods but we are accustomed. Consequently, people who go on a low fat diet usually find themselves returning to old habits sooner or later.

If nothing else, there is no such thing as a small tasty pizza, fat. Yup, a delicious low fat pizza is certainly possible. All you need is an understanding of what constitutes healthy fats in low food and how to apply these principles to your pizza.

The principles of a low-fat diet

Understand one thing: low fat does not mean no fat. Low fat means you reduce the amount of fat in their diet. A low-fat diet also means a reduction in the amount of healthy fats in your diet. For healthy fats, we refer to saturated fats (which are unhealthy because they increase bad cholesterol) and polyunsaturated fats (which are not healthy because they reduce the amount of all types of cholesterol and do not discriminate between good and bad cholesterol). Monounsaturated fats, on the other hand, are "healthy fats" because they promote a good level of bad cholesterol and cholesterol. These healthy fats, however, have yet to understand that less than five percent of your daily calories.

Reduce the amount of fat and reducing the amount of healthy fats are the foundation of a healthy diet low in fat. If you reduce the amount of fat intake, but consumes only or mainly healthy fats, then you are technically on a low fat yet generally unhealthy diet.

A low carbohydrate diet is not the same as a low-fat diet. A low-fat diet may be one that is rich in carbohydrates while a low-carb diet can be high in fat. With careful planning, however, you can combine a low-fat diet with a diet low in carbohydrates.

Certainly a low-fat diet reduces the consumption of healthy fats is healthy. However, if your goal is to reduce weight, a low carb diet is more effective in the short term. However, a low carbohydrate diet can lead to more side effects and may be harmful in the long term while the low-fat diet, though apparently not as effective as a short-term measure of weight reduction is more effective as a long-term weight maintenance measure.

Now that the definition of a low-fat diet has been discussed, and low in carbohydrates and low fat diet were sufficiently differentiated, it is time to apply these principles. Get your pizza pan and wooden spoon ready. It's time to make our downtown tasty pizza, fat.
How to make a delicious low-fat Pizza

The secret to making a low pizza fat is finding the fat from your usual ingredients of pizza content, find a low fat substitute, reduced content of total fat and adjusting the remaining ingredients and cooking methods reflect the changes. You do not need to calculate the calories in pizza for a low fat pizza.

Low fat pizza mass Change must start with the pizza crust. If you make a thin crust or thick crust, you should always focus on the amount of fat content of your recipe pizza crust. For example, pizza dough recipe has the following ingredients: flour, yeast, water, oil / fat, milk, salt and sugar. To make the dough pizza relatively low in fat, so you should check each of the ingredients and find substitutes where appropriate.

In the recipe for the dough easy pizza aforementioned enough to find low fat alternatives, it's easy. First, you should use vegetable oil instead of animal fat or butter that its reduction in your pizza recipe. In all vegetable oils, however, it is preferable to use oil that has the largest amount of monounsaturated fats. Avoid palm and coconut oil as a saturated fat, they have more. Then you need to use, solid non-fat dry milk to replace regular milk.

In addition to replacing the ingredients you can substitute low or fat, you also reduce the total amount of fat in your pizza dough recipes. Use as little oil as possible in your pizza dough. Substitute olive oil for butter or fat should not lead to drastic changes. The above ingredients must therefore give you great taste, low fat pizza.

Now if you want to make an even healthier pizza dough, increase the fiber content using whole wheat flour instead of the usual white flour; reduce the amount of salt and sugar, also. Then you can reduce the carbohydrate content, opting for a thin crust pizza (less carbs per slice) or by reducing the amount of flour.

Pizza toppings Pizza Sauce and Low Fat Pizza

It is much easier to choose pizza pizza toppings for a low fat recipe. You should choose mainly vegetable toppings. Thus, a vegetable pizza is better. For variety, you can add fruit and make a pizza with vegetables and fruits. You can find a vegetable pizza recipe or an online recipe vegetables fruit; you can also create your own.

Non-cheese pizza is the best, but if you really must have the cheese, then find the cheese with low-fat or find a cheese blend low fat you can live with. Use just enough cheese to give the taste of pizza; fear the cheese pizza is usually then.

Finally, replace lean meat in their busy fat sausages; using white meat (portions without the fat) instead of red meat. Add herbs and spices pizza herbal to add aroma and flavor to your low-fat pizza.

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