Make Your Own Custom Calendars With Calendar Hangers

With the new year that has just begun, there is no better time to create your own personalized calendars! Even if you do not have the budget for large series of calendars made by professionals, you can always get professional results in your own home or office when you use wire hooks calendar - and is surprisingly easy! In this article we take a look at calendar hangers and discover how they can turn ordinary color copies at a special wall calendars.

The base

Wire hangers schedule are small pieces, resistant wire that have a shallow curve in the middle.

The Process

Create a custom calendar with wire hangers calendar is easy! All that is required is 3: 1 wire rod not to be connected, punch in halfpipe, 5/16 "loop connecting the individual son (3: 1 pitch), wire calendar hangers, and color copies of their photos or promotional images that have been prepared with your favorite calendar software. Start using half-moon punch to create a half-circle notch in the center of the instrument to be on (the edge that will be used to hang the calendar). And align the document in the punching part of a binding machine so that it has an even number of holes on both sides of the wire (note: this may require you to drop a few pins to avoid drilling holes partial in both the cut section or the outer edges of your calendar). After punching your document, cut your connection column down to the appropriate length for each side of the upper thread edge. Enter your pages and the hanger wire calendar in two sections of the spine, and use your wire closer to complete the association. Now a personalized calendar is ready to share with a friend or colleague.

Under review
Almost everyone has a calendar hanging in your home or office, creating a personalized calendar is a great way to share your photos or promotional messages with others throughout the year. Using a machine, half-moon punch, double loop wire, wire calendar hangers, and your work of art, the creation of small or large amounts of binding wire calendars is as simple as connecting a document. If you are looking for a unique gift idea for friends or family, or a useful promotional piece for colleagues, personalized calendars can be an ideal choice for you.

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