Munich Car Rental Driving Guide 60 Second Munich-Style

Taking a car in Munich is the best way to explore this Bavarian city. But wait a minute --- if you know the streets of Munich?

Speed limit

You've heard that there are no speed limits on major roads - called Autobahns - Germany. This is true, but there are many places that have speed limits. In addition, some regions have temporary speed limits put in place in order not to drive your car hire in Munich like crazy on wheels. Stick to the recommended speed limit is 130 kmh.


- In intersections and uncontrolled crossings, the right of way belongs to the cars on the right.

- In the passages or crossing with the green light, the right of way belongs to pedestrians.

- When merging in traffic, the right of way belongs to taxis and buses.

Half day

Once you've had your fill of Munich lead to those areas near Berchtesgaden, Dachau, Meersburg, or Lindao. Finally, when you've grown tired of all the training you have done, you park your car hire in Munich in a safe place and stop for beer and Bavarian food. If you're feeling adventurous, ask Schweinshaxe (roast pork knuckle) - is a culinary experience you will not forget! As for the beer, if you missed Octoberfest, you can stop for a more secure version, sanitized in the beer gardens of Munich, the most famous is HofbrÀuhaus.

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