Munich, Germany

Home to about 1.35 million people Munich is considered the third largest city in Germany after the first of the "Berlin" and "Hamburg". The population of the Munich metropolitan area is about 5 million people.

The Munich location is essentially the plains of upper Bavaria. The two famous rivers flowing in Munich limits are known as "Isar" and "Würm".

The extreme weather conditions both in winters and summers. The city of Munich often receive unexpected rains at any time and day of the year. Winter temperatures may even drop below 0 degrees at night. The city of Munich does not receive more precipitation during the winter. Summers are very hot in Munich that the temperature up to 25 degrees. The summer season remains from May to September.

Munich is considered a masterpiece of architecture as the buildings of the city displayed some of the characteristics of historical time, have built the modern world style. Therefore most buildings in Munich have emerged as the most prestigious locations in the city. Apart from a few buildings "Grand Hotel de Ville" has been a tourist destination for hundreds of years.

The park inside is beautiful and has many facilities as "nudist area", gardens and jogging trails. In addition, several wooden benches placed in the park.

In the field of museums, Munich also has some great museums. In sport football field is the most watched game through Germany and Munich in this area is on top of all cities. The Munich soccer team is one of the most successful clubs in Europe and is named as "Bayern Munich". The team has many players who play in the German national team. The stadium of the team is in the heart of Munich and is named as "Allianz Arena". When Bayern Munich plays in the stadium and outside the stadium is lit in red, and when the German national team used the stadium for the games with other teams after the phase out is totally white, another small team named "Munich 1860" also uses the stadium and they play the Allianz Arena becomes blue on the outside.

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