Munich Hotels and Hostels

Munich is Bavaria, the capital of Germany. "Munchen" is its native name - derived from the word "Monche" an old German word for "monks". This city is popular for its culture and architecture. Its "Oktoberfest" beer celebration every year is world famous. With the influx of tourists traveling to Munich every year, many luxury and budget hotels in Munich began to surface.

Munich museums are rated even outrank Berlin in quality. Its architecture scene is really impressive. This is why more and more people visit Munich. Although many of its buildings were damaged in the bombing of World War II, most of the historic buildings were reconstructed.

Cheap Munich hotels

Munich is full of accommodation to suit all types of travelers. There are many luxury hotels and inns, you can choose - depending on your budget. Please note that rates vary considerably. During Tariffs and "Oktoberfest" long overdue, find affordable housing or cheap Munich hotels can be very difficult. Enjoy the internet and browse through various Munich hotels you can find. Check your location, comfort, facilities and rates before making observations. A and Hostel - This hotel in Munich is just a main station station. Your address is Arnulfstr 102, 80636 Munchen.

Euro Youth Hostel - This affordable Munich hotel is located along Senefelderstr. It has a lively bar and free Wi-Fi.

Hostel Jaeger - This is one of the cheap Munich hotels that are very affordable because of its proximity to the train station. It provides comfortable, clean accommodation, and breakfast simple daily menu.

House Europapart Munich - This is another type of accommodation hotel in Munich different. It offers furnished apartments for rent. It is located in the center of Munich.

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