Nigerian Recipe Salad How To Make Your Own

The Nigerian salad is a special salad recipe from Nigeria. It's like one salad recipe that even if an ingredient is left out, it loses its special flavor. That is why Nigerians around the world are always looking for this salad recipe in the search for the exact flavor and richness of the Nigerian salad. Foreigners who are lucky enough to taste this salad also ask a recipe after tasting.

Nigeria salad is so filling that can be consumed as a single meal or as a side dish for several Nigerian rice Recipes - white rice Jollof Rice Nigerian Fried Rice Nigerian Nigerian Coconut rice and tomato stew to name a few . It can also be consumed with Nigeria Moi Moi. To make the salad with the only flavor of Nigeria salad, simply follow the detailed steps to follow to the letter.

The amounts of ingredients are indicated which will give a typical taste of Nigeria salad.


1 medium lettuce bouquet
    5 medium carrots
    4 small apple pieces of common land
    2 medium pieces of cucumber
    3 medium eggs
    1415 grams tin of baked beans in tomato sauce
    200 grams of sweet corn
    5 plum tomatoes parts
    Vinaigrette - Heinz Salad Cream works best with this recipe salad. Is a close substitute for the Heinz Caeser salad cream.

Before preparing the Nigerian salad:

Wash and cook the potatoes until done. Eggs should be cooked.
    All vegetables must be washed.
    Cut the lettuce into thin strips.
    Peel and cut potatoes cooked in cubes of size.
    Peel, remove seeds and cut the cucumber as indicated. If you want more green in your salad, you can peel the cucumber into strips.
    Remove seeds from tomatoes and cut into small cubes.
    Put all the chopped vegetables in separate containers.
    Wash the seeds and set aside. Remove the shells of hard boiled eggs, cut them with a cutter egg and set aside.

Follow these steps to prepare the Nigerian salad

    Apart from the egg, start putting the salad ingredients in small batches in a large salad bowl. You can start with the lettuce, followed by tomatoes and potatoes, sweet corn, beans, cucumber, carrot, then back to lettuce. This manufacturing process allows Nigerian salad juice each ingredient to infiltrate other.
    Now place the eggs chopped salad, covering the top.
    Serve with a salad dressing of your choice, but as mentioned above, the classic Heinz salad cream works best with the Nigerian salad.

Information and tips.

If you prefer your own crunchy salad, you can replace lettuce with sprouts. Instead of lettuce entirely, you can use both as lettuce adds a green color to the salad. The above are the minimum ingredients for a Nigerian salad. More ingredients such as cooked pasta, canned meat, green peppers, peas, etc., can be added to the salad to give Nigerian varied flavor.

The Nigerian salad is good for 24 hours if no dressing is added.

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