Pizza Began As

Who does not love pizza? You know the rich history of pizza?

Humble Beginnings Pizza

Before the pizza was born, there were focaccia - a Roman dish made of flatbread with additional toppings. The ancient Greeks also have their version of flatbread they call plakous. Plakous often had the onions, garlic and herbs for toppings.

At that time, the pizza was not for the rich. The pizza was the food for the poor and sold in the open street stalls. The first flavor was pizza marinara, which is a cover of garlic, oregano, tomato and olive oil extra virgin. The taste is named after the wives of sailors who traditionally prepared this dish for their husband sea when returning from a fishing trip to Naples. Another classic taste is the Margherita pizza, which consists, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese garnish with fresh basil. The Pizza Margherita's history dates back to 1889 AD when some Raffaele Esposito baked this pie in honor of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy. Of the three flavors of pizza baker who prepared pizza with the colors of the Italian flag, white, red and green, her favorite, so people named Margherita pizza.

Pizza Today

Pizza has certainly come so far from its humble beginnings as a food for the poor. Now the pizza has become a favorite in almost all parts of the world, especially among Americans. Although a number of changes and innovations have become popular over the years, some pizza shops still maintain the old pizza baking methods. In fact, 1984 saw the formation of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana or True Neapolitan Pizza Association, which established guidelines on how to make pizza. Among the many guidelines that the whole combination is the pizza cooking method kneaded by hand using a wooden cupola furnace and its diameter must not exceed 35 cm. The association even a particular prescribed measure the thickness of the pizza dough, a third one centimeter!

What is the health Pizza?

You may wonder, though, is a healthy pizza? Only a small part of this pizza, you say, then you eat and feel guilty later.

We all know that the pizza is on the list of foods than those who want to lose weight should not eat.

Those who are on a gluten free diet, but not on a weight loss plan, however, would be triumphant knowing you can eat pizza! Hurrah! Make sure you buy a pizza with a gluten-free pizza dough to avoid eating gluten.

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