Pizza A Slice Of Heaven Revisted

No doubt Ed Levine knows his pizza. He is an author, food critic and full time pizza fanatic. Levine simply can not get enough pizza.

Levine takes it seriously pizza. The result of this trip, Pizza A Slice of Heaven, is a volume dedicated to the favorite food of America.

It analyzes all kinds of pizza and pizzerias. It Medium The pizza samples to coast and many places in between. Levine has developed her own line for the classification of pizza. He noted the criterion is the fuel source, the oven, the crust, mozzarella, sauce and balance.

This book is more than just a great review of pizza. Within these pages are full of tales of adventure pizza obsession, passion, sorrow, and lighting. You will even find a cure for the dreaded Pizza Burn. Pizza burning occurs during the combustion of hot cheese is the roof of his mouth without protection. It also includes a pizza recipe for the home cook.

Levine is wise enough to seek the assistance of such luminaries as chefs Mario Batali and Peter Reinhart (American Pie: My Search for Perfect Pizza), Nora Ehron, Jeffery Stiengarten and many others. They add very varied taste the different tastes in the book. In some ways, this book is a collaborative effort full of Pizza anecdotes and reviews, however, Levine pulls completely in the end.

Levine is very direct about their choice of pizza. It feels (as many New Yorkers feel), New York is the center of the world of pizza. It recognizes Wooster Street in New Haven, as a bastion of some of the best pizzas in America. It seeks New York, Boston, Chicago, Midwest, South, Southwest, and West Coast. He still plays in the South American Pizza. It takes a stab at Bar Pizza, Pizza Frozen Pizza Pizza and Internet Channel (, a website based in Hawaii, is referenced).

Levine ranks Hawaii Pizza, drawing with Joan and John Namkoony Heckathorn Honolulu Magazine. As part of their research, they ordered fourteen pizzas from Kahala to Mapunupuna and brought them back to his office to a pizza party. After a blind-test comparison side-by-side, pizza came out on top: Antonio New York Pizzeria. Owners (and cousins) Anthony Romano and Joe Tramantano are transplanted from Connecticut carrying the thin crust pizza tradition here in Hawaii.

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