Porsche Cayman Reviews

Luxury Porsche Cayman Reviews

For many sports car enthusiasts, Porsche Cayman was considered a mid-market version of the Boxster. However, after inspection, the Porsche Cayman car is clearly "real pilot" which exceeded expectations of many who thought he was just a "stop gap" for those who could not afford the 911.

Offering you the engine performance updated on the Boxster, all-round driveability Cayman simply can not be beat.

It has even been claimed that the "S" Porsche Cayman Version actually exceeds the base model Carrera 3.6 in all areas!

The Cayman born

For some, Cayman is simply a Porsche Boxster with a hardtop a little more practice. Although Porsche Cayman shares the same engine page Boxter Gen 2 implementation in 2006, the engine head was replaced as head of the Carrera 3.6-liter, allowing the use of the Vario Cam system, also seen in 911. The engine itself was an upgrade to a 3.2-liter to a new, more powerful version displaced 3.4 liters.

The body of the Cayman's like the Boxster, with obvious difference being the hard-top roof. The Cayman also borrowed parts of the body, such as the port cover, fenders and trunk of the Boxster. With the Cayman now has a hardtop, it gave engineers the ability to strengthen the suspension system for better handling. Boxster with a top speed of 167 mph, the Cayman takes you to the limit of 171 mph.

Another feature that makes the Cayman a great improvement on the Boxster is its inflexibility. Lower spring arrest springs and spacers, with larger anti-roll bars give greater overall stiffness of 150% compared to the Boxster S. Cayman also comes with an active extra-low resistance spoiler. This spoiler allow a speed of 75 miles or more.

Cayman sale

In the first year of production, sales Cayman, in fact, represent 40-50% percent of all Porches of sale, showing the Cayman to be successful.

The Cayman offers a wide variety of options for your car. 19-inch wheels until classes are also available for you to buy.

If you want to keep a constant temperature, you can choose heated or cooled seats.

Unmelted ceramic brakes are now on the list of options.

The P.A.S.M, meaning that Porsche Active Suspension Management is an option that gives you a complete configuration of the sport with active dampers.

With all these options in mind, you should also compare the luggage space that gives Cayman on the Boxster. The Cayman has a front storage compartment and a rear boot. In short, the Cayman allow an overall storage space from 560 liters to 410 liters with a space of 150 liters and torso before storing. Considering this, the Cayman is one of the few sports cars combining performance and practicality.

Additional changes in the current Cayman include headlights that give the car a more aggressive and updated LED look.

The double-speed automatic box semi-clutch PDK 7 speed now replaces the oldest cash tip-tronic speed, giving a better driver in both high and low speeds.

The limited edition of the Cayman models

Porsche offers two limited edition Cayman. First edition Porsche Cayman design 1, which was built in 2007. With the only color is black, the design edition 1 was built with pieces of time Porsche to be the inspiration behind the project. The interior consists of dark colors only 777 were built, making it a rare car. In 2009, the Cayman S "Sport" was released. This car is available in six metallic colors not include individual and limited edition 19-inch wheels. The engine has also been awarded an impressive 303 B.H.P, making it a very attractive purchase for fans of Porsche.


The Porsche Cayman obviously its competitors, as with all cars on the market. In direct competition with the Cayman includes desirable cars like the popular BMW Z4, the elegant Audi TT, the Chevrolet Corvette and BMW 135i.

"But the one single factor but the Cayman important competition?"

"The mid-engine layout provided by someone else there!"

The Porsche Cayman has it all

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