Presentation Of The CRS-X Router Based Cisco

Cisco Editorial announcement revealed the introduction of basic router Cisco CRS-X in its growing portfolio of Cisco routers. This is great news for more than 750 telecom service providers and organizations worldwide. There are about 10,000 older models SRC exceptional generation network infrastructure. The cost and power capacity will improve, while allowing more space and the growth of your network infrastructure. The new CRS-X will provide 10 times the capacity of the previous generation of the CRS-1. The Cisco solution is great for Verizon streaming to your customers. Network congestion would be illuminated with the opportunity to develop its infrastructure at an incredible pace. Scalability has always been a problem for large service providers such as the Internet continues to attract users, the demand will only increase and the CRS-X system will be there to accommodate this growth.

With the selection of a specific CPAK transceiver for optical short-range, long or extended, you can configure each Cisco router interface for the single port 100 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x 40 or 10 x 10 GE GE. You can even take advantage of Cisco's nLight technology through the implementation of a single management system with the Cisco CRS family to reduce operating costs and provide a high density of 100 GE scale.

What Cisco customers have to say about the Cisco CRS-X?

Mike Haberman, vice president of network operations, Verizon Wireless:

"The Cisco CRS provides Verizon Wireless with an intelligent core of the solution and the ability to scale up to 400 Gbps per slot, that will meet our service demands in the future."

Junichi Miyakawa, Executive Vice President and Director of the Board CTO, Softbank Mobile Corporation:

We are delighted to continue the development of the Cisco CRS platform, which was the basis of our advanced network infrastructure for many years. With the ability to scale to 400 gigabits per second and highly available architecture, CRS continues to provide unmatched investment protection and help ensure the ability of SoftBank Mobile to continue to be a content leader and suppliers broadband services in Japan."

Surya Panditi, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco's service provider network group:

"Cisco's flagship network platforms are designed with investment protection for decades and beyond, unlike other technology providers, forcing operators to rip and replace their products on a regular basis. Services providers, major teaching and research networks and government agencies around the world are preparing for the next generation of the Internet and the growing demand for video, collaboration, and distributed computing. Cisco CPAK technology and 400 Gbps CRS-X under demonstrate Cisco's commitment to lead the industry in IP core technology and to protect the investments of our existing CRS customers."

Finally, Cisco innovation for customers of telecommunications service providers will be a better experience for everyone.

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