Rent A Car In Munich Essential Trips Around Munich

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, easily accessible by public transport if you are a regular visitor.

If you rent a car in Munich for a day, you can visit these places:

Schoenberg See:

30 minutes Munich takes you into another world. A scenic lake with breathtaking views and mysterious story is perfect for families and lovers. Despite the dark history you will never forget this romantic place.

Andechs Abbey:

Andech is a small village outside Munich and is famous for the spectacular monastery. Driving in Herrsching road, after three kilometers you can park the car and continue to walk the path walks. The place is beautiful and on weekends can be crowded.

Oberammergau to reach A-95 motorway, start your journey Southern Munich. This small town will be interesting, especially for lovers and children of fairy tales. The houses are painted with the Brothers Grimm fairy tale paintings on the walls.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is an hour and a half from Munich - if you drive too slowly. In the double winter travel time because of winter vacation in Germany. Having seen all there is to see in Munich central Alpine fresh air and a little white ski slopes could be great end of your stay in Germany.

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