Samsung Armani Vs Samsung F210 Performance Matters A Lot

Samsung is a major mobile phone manufacturing companies in the world markets. This business with South Korea is an established player base in the consumer goods industry. Now he has done well in the mobile industry also introducing some of the best selling mobile devices. Samsung phones are sleek and stylish and so they are appreciated by the mobile lovers worldwide. Samsung Armani and Samsung F210 are the latest models of phones that attract the users. The Armani is a high-end phone that is favored by professionals and people in business class. Basically it is a product that has been produced by Samsung Technologies in collaboration with Giorgio Armani fashion house. The Armani is a designer phone, which was designed by renowned designers of the Armani Group. Samsung F210 is a modern cell phone, which was recently launched by Samsung. It has a large TFT screen of 1.46 inches which is capable of displaying 256k colors. Although the screen size is smaller than the Samsung Armani, who is having a better resolution. The phonebook can store 1000 entries which allows users to have a greater number of contacts on the device. The Samsung F210 is a camera of 2 mega pixels and a powerful music player. The music player supports all types of music files such as MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. The GPRS and EDGE technologies provide fast web connectivity that allows users to download music and other data on the Internet.

Samsung Armani is a lightweight phone. The phone is based on GPRS and 3G / GSM facilities provide fast Internet access to users. Regarding the multimedia features, the Samsung Armani has a 3 mega pixel camera, which is supported by auto focus and a powerful zoom to capture good quality pictures with the help of this camera phone. Several other value-added features have been provided on the device. Users can have access to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF.

Given the characteristics of the two handsets, the talk of the Samsung Armani vs Samsung F210 began. Its users find it very difficult to choose one of them as the two devices have advanced features. However, it totally depends on the user to select your favorite phone. Both Samsung Armani and Samsung F210 are the great quality phones and they have their own advantages.

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