Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch Reduced the Price of its Predecessor Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has just been published, impressing many with its specification list that includes the likes of 8megapxiel camera, advanced touch screen and new voice recognition system that performs all tasks based on voice recognition. The launch of the latest edition of the Galaxy series has promoted a series of rate Galaxy S2 price decline. If you want to get your hands on a high end Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is an excellent choice and is now the perfect time. 

Being a smartphone so popular (more than 40 million units sold), all major UK networks offer different deals Samsung Galaxy S2. Vodafone is one of the most popular mobile networks in the UK, and offers many Samsung Galaxy S2 offer for all budgets. Despite the low price this price, you get the Samsung Galaxy S2 free with 300 minutes of free calls per month, unlimited text messages and 250MB of data allowance Internet download, but if you connect to a wireless network network Fie, you can surf the web to your heart's content without using the allowance. The 250MB should stretch further, you are just a casual user mobile Internet; this amount is good to check the news, keep up with your social networking accounts and check your e-mail inbox. 

If you are willing to spend a little more each month, O2 has a number of Galaxy S2 contracts that come with a larger allowance each month. If you are a mobile Internet prolific user, you will surely enjoy this matter, and of course it also includes a Wi-Fi browsing whenever you have access to a wireless network. 

There are many other names offer as T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Orange and three that offer Samsung Galaxy S2 free phone when you sign up for a fee, and some even include gifts ranging from the reduction of the only rental for laptop. 

If you shop and use a price comparison site that can find the right Galaxy S2 contract for your needs. For example, you can be an occasional text message user so that you do not want to have a contract that has a high text message allowance, because you can save money by opting for a contract with a text allocation less in exchange for a lower monthly payment. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 seem ready to lower prices for phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 even more, to keep control for the best deals.

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