Samsung Galaxy S3 Update Galaxy S2

Most recently discussions with the Korean manufacturer Samsung has been on the launch of its latest Android operating system called Cream Sandwich Ice, however, it now seems to be a new phone on the horizon is not only to update the current Samsung Galaxy S2 bestseller, but also of this latest operating system, namely; the Samsung Galaxy S3. 

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is to provide a dual processor huge 18GHz which will officially be the fastest on the market and it is an impressive camera 12 mega pixels. 

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a 1.2GHz dual-core chips, with a camera 8 mega pixel so it is an upgrade to what is already a very advanced smartphone. 

While the existing Galaxy S2 is a very square and slim device that measures only 8.9mm at its thinnest point of the Samsung Galaxy S3 again offers a more rounded design manufacturers often in range of wave devices, but is also reported actually be thinner than the current model. 

The launch of the latest Android operating system was officially postponed by Google for about the recent death of man in Apple load; Steve Jobs, the launch event was postponed to a later date and the implementation of existing measures will take place after this date. 

Although there is no official release date mentioned by Samsung widely expected that the Galaxy S3 will be available with the new Galaxy Nexus Google, as with the pattern of release of the previous Galaxy S and Nexus S. 

If we really see that these two new phones this year remains unanswered, but both fans of Android and Samsung are already licking his lips, although high specification devices coming to market.

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