Samsung Galaxy S3 When Is He Coming?

Yes, this is a sequel to the popular Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S2. It is also difficult to stop waiting for the Samsung (South Korean manufacturer) will give in and release this highly anticipated device to us.

We all have to be content with little information or speculation that Samsung will escape the public. That is, if they even dare to.

As you can see, these are just some of the most pressing questions that many fans ask Samsung mobile giant Samsung. Sad to say, Samsung continues to play hard and keep their cards close to their heart. Speaking at the release date of the phone, there was a rumor that this device will be released in March 30. This date is suggested by a meeting with President of Samsung Kim Young-Ha (Samsung Chairman China). There is also a rumor that the consensus seems to favor May 22, 2012 the unveiling and the date of actual launch of the phone. This is due to a special event Samsung is said to take place in London, UK. However, Samsung said they will inform us through his Twitter account once a release date is confirmed. Keep your eyes on your Twitter account.

Now to potential phone specifications (although not confirmed), we can expect that it will be released with the latest iteration of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. There is a possibility of including a powerful quad-core processor, perhaps a 1.5 or 1.8GHz Samsung Exynos. There are also those who say that this phone will be launched with a 12MP shutter updated. If true, then this is a powerful trigger for 3rd generation Galaxy S. We hope that this handset comes with 4G LTE and NFC same. The phone can also feature a 4.8 "Super AMOLED Full HD and 3D visualization capabilities of the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is and there is nothing that would prevent Samsung to go with the long-awaited launch of the Galaxy S3

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