Samsung Galaxy S4 The New Star In The Galaxy!

Samsung! A brand that changes only the landscape of the global smartphone market. Samsung launches blitzkrieg of marketing and product took everyone by surprise a few years ago. Before many realized, Samsung has firmly placed his grip on the smartphone market. While most industry reports are to be believed and followed, Apple is in a tough fight due to Samsung as HTC, Sony, Nokia and even the great Blackberry trying to catch up on some key ground they lost Samsung.

The latest versions of Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung is an interesting offer. The only change most people were waiting and were disappointed in was the body of the Galaxy S4. The plastic looks like the Galaxy S3 has just rebranded with the Galaxy S4.

The Full HD screen AMOLED has quickly become a signature brand for Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 runs on the benefit of consumers with better appearance and resolution of the screen. The body is smaller and thinner in comparison with the Galaxy S3. The 1.6 GHz processor with 2 GB of RAM is a decent combination. Although, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z features better CPUs, the Galaxy S4 processor does the work for the Jelly Bean Android OS. Samsung is good for packing of small innovations with a strong impact on users. With the Galaxy S4, the new technology Smart Stay ad says an intuitive feel for the user experience. 2600 mAh power of the Galaxy S4 supports positively device. A rare 13 MPa camera works well in your favor, but the front camera is frankly disappointing. I
nternal and external memory are not a concern in one of the smart phones and high-end Galaxy S4 is not an exception.

Samsung has invested heavily in marketing campaigns and strongly favored a guerrilla marketing strategy for most of their releases. After defining the very high reference value with the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 prerelease hype certainly created a lot of waiting around seemingly rich phone resources. But what ultimately turned out was a (relatively) dark shows a phone that was designed to revolutionize the smartphone market and drive the marginal elements of Sony, LG and HTC competition. Instead, the Galaxy S4 provided them the opportunity to return and attack Samsung hard, make a dent in its market share.

Samsung is quick to learn from your mistakes. With the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z hit hard on their doors, Blackberry preparation with Z10 and Q10, Samsung's investment in R & D should be reinforced and supplemented by the characteristics of intelligent products. A complaint long about the "plastic-feeling" in the Samsung Galaxy series has to be addressed in the next version. Especially with sharpening competition.

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