Samsung The South Korean Multinational Conglomerate You Can Partner With SMART Hardware Products

Samsung is in the news again with the launch of five SDKs:

Samsung, a South Korean multinational conglomerate and a huge player in the global market, expelled from the Samsung Developer Conference, Oct. 28, 2013, with the introduction of five new SDKs in an attempt to attract developers to its vast ecosystem equipment.

Samsung Mobile SDK
Smart TV SDK 5.0
Multiscreen SDK
Multiscreen Gaming SDK
Knox SDK

The new SDK Samsung Mobile consolidates some existing tools and Samsung mobile development enables engineers to create applications more easily. Smart TV SDK 5.0 enables developers to create applications for a variety of connected TVs from Samsung, especially the new 2014 models display.
The new SDK Multiscreen allows people to synchronize their phones and other media very quickly for multiple screens. Multiscreen Gaming SDK, used for gamers, Samsung allows smartphones to be used as console game production for Samsung connected TVs.

Samsung - Does the Smart Business:

It is no secret that this series of launches Samsung is trying to attract developers to its hardware products. Samsung controls a huge part of the material on the market and in terms of smartphones, dominates almost 50% of the Android market and 29% of the overall mobile phone market.
Examples of the material domination of Samsung, introduced new SmartWatch devices, speed Galaxy $ 300. The device, which is exactly what it seems, shows the limits that Samsung is pushing in terms of hardware innovation and control of the market. Although not as powerful in terms of software, Samsung also brings extensive experience in the software, it covers all your devices.

Knowing the different subsidiaries of Samsung:

Samsung, a huge conglomerate founded in 1938, generated $ 268.8 billion in 2012, with a net profit of $ 30.1 billion and $ 590.4 billion in assets.

Some notable subsidiaries include:

Samsung Electronics
Samsung Life Insurance
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
Samsung Heavy Industries
Samsung C & T
Samsung SDS
Samsung Techwin

Your partner services and top quality products:

They are also a global company and offer a variety of different products and services:


Chemical products
Consumer electronics
Electronic components
Medical equipment
Precision instruments
Telecommunications equipment


Financial services
Information services and communications technology
Medical services

You can surf the web's leading distributor of all types of Samsung hardware with a wide variety of manufacturers.

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