Samsung Tab Price Is Not Everything Or How To Really Compete In The Tablet PC Market

When they came out with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it was the perfect tablet PC all, even a reasonable price. Now that recently came out with the Samsung Tab 10.1, matching the iPad size. Then one night, I'm sitting there watching TV with my kids. Who would be interested in a commercial refrigerator, right? But this is pretty cool.

It has cool music. And the fridge has some interesting features - interesting applications. True, it is a Samsung refrigerator with apps!

Talk embrace and extend!

Take new technologies - or existing technology, using completely through. And when you think you've exhausted the use of it in your niche, extending the application to other niches. So maybe your whole marketing strategy throughout was to start competing with Apple in the world of the Tablet PC by entering your ace - the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, then follow immediately with your wild card (which everyone started with), the Samsung Tab 10.1.

ery smart strategy if you ask me.

First Samsung comes with its own version of a tablet PC. But it's really more like a tablet computer, as it can play Flash video. Then they make another thing that separates it from the iPad; they make it smaller.

The smallest? Small enough to fit in your pocket.

Laptop or tablet computer. If you only want a small computer, why not just get a smartphone? These days, the smart phone is on average much like a small computer.

So when Apple iPhone has exploded to the size of a tablet PC with the iPad, all you really did was to add applications on the tablet PC market. He really did nothing to change the actual mobility of the Tablet PC. The iPad is not much smaller or lighter than a good tablet computer.

That's why Samsung was so smart when they did what they did. They brought a new dimension to the world of mobile computing - literally, making the Samsung Galaxy Tab exactly the right size for good visibility and mobility.

Certainly everyone will try to make their equipment faster, sharper, more memory, longer battery life, etc.

And applications? Of course, Apple's App Store, but everyone has the Android Marketplace. And others bring their own entries in the applications market.

So Samsung comes out and does something so simple and clever; give people more options. Specifically, people like me who already have a laptop / tablet and an iPhone but do not want to spend $ 500 more than what applications with my tablet. Los Put applications in kitchen appliances are the extension. Them to come up with its own version of the iPad, but is rather comprehensive.

How the Samsung Tab 10.1 better than the iPad? Samsung is really making full use of technology to improve your product.

And while Samsung continues to give people more options and more we want, they will continue to receive our company. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Tab 10.1, Samsung showed how to take the lead in the tablet PC market.

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