Samsung TVs Advanced Television Technology

Samsung, a Korean conglomerate, is one of the most successful companies thriving today and one of its subsidiaries is highly acclaimed Samsung Electronics, Samsung TVs world-renowned manufacturer. Since 2008, Samsung has sold more than all other TV brands for the past nine consecutive quarters. And in the third quarter of 2009, Samsung had a share of 23 percent of the TV market to market. That number just say one thing, televisions manufactured by Samsung are excellent and consumers want.

Samsung was a company that did not initially manufactures television sets. Samsung has designed its first television, black and white together in 1970 and produced in 1972, for sale on the domestic market in 1976, there were one million black and white TVs Samsung products. 1977 was the year Samsung decided to manufacture color TV sets at the same time, inspired by their domestic success, to market their TV products throughout Asia. In 1981, Samsung TVs were selling quickly, 10 million handsets in black and white and 1 million units collar product.

For example, in 1995, 33 inch screen in the first double TV was introduced, and was one of Samsung TVs. In addition, earlier in the period, Samsung, which worked with Sony to create Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), developed the large LCD screens for televisions 30 inches, comparing today's tiny, but it was a revolutionary feature then. Since 1998, Samsung continues to be at the forefront in sales and development of television. That same year, came the introduction of Samsung flat screen TV and the first line of digital TVs in the world. Other notable and noteworthy developments include the launch of the slimmer Samsung TV in 2002, and in 2006 the first LCD screen that was double sided.

Today, Samsung TVs are popular in the US market and the brand is ranked first in the US market for digital television, acknowledged he held for four consecutive years. With the winning combination of excellent quality image output, energy efficiency and the amazing design, there is a Samsung TV perfect for each house.

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