Samsung U Series Vs G Series Feature Complete Series

Samsung is well known name in the mobile phone industry that boasts many good sales of slider phones. The latest collection from Samsung come preloaded with sophisticated design based on ergonomic keyboard, mass storage memory, 3G and multimedia capabilities technology.

The rich series G and Samsung U-Series functionality is built with superior imaging capabilities. The screen devices these two series provides a fascinating visual experience. Users can enjoy viewing multimedia content on a wide TFT color screen. The Samsung U-series and Samsung G-Series come with full function capabilities such as high-resolution displays, advanced digital camera, integrated media player functions. Other high-end features of this series include Internet access, connectivity, and high-quality networks. For example, Samsung G810 and Samsung U900 are supported with advanced mobile telephony features.

The quality of the Samsung G810 of the image is higher compared to the Samsung U900. In fact, the Samsung G series is a better deal for users who are looking for more features shooting. The entire range of Mobile G series are composed of 5 megapixel cameras with a focus on video and still images. In mobile phones G-series, users find it easy to expose their hidden talents picture with ergonomic keyboard. For his counterpart, U-series mobile phones are integrated with full 3 megapixel camera with imaging capabilities.

The built-in music players, both Samsung U-series and Samsung G series allow users to manipulate or play music in a good variety of music formats. The handsets of Samsung G-series and U-series Samsung solid connectivity channels like Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS and USB. The devices of this series also supports quad band technology that allows seamless connectivity, even across international borders. In addition, users can also save multimedia content such as pictures, music and video clips on mobile phones of these two series. Both series are supported with ample storage memory which can be upgraded with additional support MicroSD memory card.

Other notable features of these two series include integrated speakerphone, mobile printing, photo caller ID, electronic support and comprehensive messaging options. The devices of this series allow users to send and receive multimedia messages, instant messages, SMS and emails too. In short, we can say that the peripheral U-series and L series are cool performers in terms of functions.

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