Samsung's Success Lies In Its Rich Production Line In All Sectors

The road to success of each company is different. For example, Apple is so successful because it has created high quality products by combining hardware and software. Samsung products covering almost every corner of the kitchen to the dining room. In 2012 Consumer Electronics Exhibition, Samsung won 30 creative awards for its various product categories. Meanwhile, the iF Design Award, Samsung has won 44 honors. Among the company's most respected list, Samsung achieved a higher ranking than Intel, General Mills and Unilever.

It is therefore not surprising that Samsung's annual income exceeds Microsoft or Apple. At the end of 2011, Samsung became the largest manufacturer in the world of television, with a share of 22.5% market share, while in the display market; it also has the leadership with a share of 15.1%. Even the laptop and netbook market led by HP and Dell, Samsung almost doubled its market share to 6.3% in recent years.

Samsung receives a unique position in the Android phone industry, far ahead of its rivals. According to the latest data published by Michael Walkley with Canaccord Genuity, the second season of this year, Apple and Samsung exploitation total profits exceeding 108%.
The popularity of Samsung mobile products has not been proven: Android Phone Samsung Galaxy S III sales have breaked by 10 million people. Surely Samsung will face a number of challenges in the future. First, Google amazing products may turn more Android devices on the market, which is a major threat to Samsung. In addition, the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung has a negative effect on the development of Samsung. Apple accuses Samsung of plagiarizing their design, but Samsung has denied the accusation, and launched their own patent infringement accusations.

However, Samsung can still make their products penetrate the lives of consumers through its refrigerator, washing machine, TV and other electronic products. Anyway, Samsung built a successful label.

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