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No matter who you are, or what the previous written SAT scores you started before, it is quite possible for you to improve a 650+ score written SAT. As a professional tutor SAT, never met a student who could not reach at least 650. The first step to get a big score is to know exactly what topics of grammar that you will be tested on. Since the SAT is a test "normalized", he will never play without surprise for you. Undoubtedly, the errors singular / plural are the most common theme in several grammar SAT writing choices. These can occur when a subject and your verb is not singular / plural (as "The dogs down the hill"). If you have already taken the SAT, you know that the penalties are much more complicated than the examples given; however, it is easier to learn these essential grammatical rules in simpler situations before trying to transfer to longer and harder issues like the ones you find on the SAT.

So let me give you the three step process to improve your SAT writing score, learning grammar rules:

1) Get the book SAT Prep Writing law, which will correctly identify the 12 most commonly tested SAT rules, so you do not waste your time studying subjects precious that will not be on the test.

2) C
ontrol of the grammar of their own, in simple situations that will help you focus on one rule at a time. The book listed above does a great job of that.

3) When the 12 rules are mastered, go to practice real questions SAT (get them from the "Official Guide SAT Study" written by the SAT creators). Practice in both programmed parameters and untimed. Both are important - time trials lets face pressure, and the practice of indefinite duration allows a little more room to think critically and to improve their classes.

Time is of the essence when it comes to writing SAT prep.

If you need motivation, always remember - if you are not a student, there is someone there who is - and they will take your place in your favorite university!

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