SAT Test Format Note, SAT Study Plan and Strategies

SAT Study Plan and Strategies

SAT is an interesting and impartial trial. Rather, it is a platform which tests students based on their reasoning skills.

The SAT test format

There are three main sections of the SAT math, critical reading and writing. These sections are divided into eight sections with questions on reading comprehension, grammar, arithmetic, algebra and geometry. A test 25 minutes is also necessary to complete.

The test section first appears in SAT. Including breaks, the SAT is a test of four hours and 10 minutes. Therefore, it is important to get to sleep a good night the night before the day of SAT test.

Preparation for SAT exams

SAT is a standardized test, requires a systematic study plan. By taking a series of practical tests SAT, you can develop a better idea of ​​the test pattern, the level of difficulty, and time management.

The SAT test is designed keeping in mind a college senior. Therefore topics such as trigonometry, advanced geometry, calculus and higher mathematics level functions are not included in the test.

Test preparation should start with a review of the concepts you have studied in school. Next in line are untimed SAT practice tests.

Finally, you should start solving SAT practice tests timed. Try easy questions first and then move on to difficult questions. If you're stuck with a question, jump. Hours of study and solve SAT practice tests can help you develop an effective strategy for the SAT test.

Learning Center, guardian or online assistance

To choose between them, parental involvement is a must. Let your parents decide if they can afford the fee structure of these tutoring methods. Guardian, secondly, would charge less, but may not be available depending on convenience.

Costs incurred in the event of Learning Center: the cost of test preparation, travel costs, travel time.

Costs incurred in the case of Private Tutor: Tutoring rates, travel cost and time (if not a home tutor)

Costs incurred in online tutoring: Tutoring rate

Before choosing an institute of preparation for the SAT test or guardian, you should look for four things: teaching methods, programs, cost and convenience

Preparation for the SAT requires a clear plan of study that integrates all aspects of the SAT-concepts, vocabulary, grammar, removal, sensing, and reasoning. Coherent study is essential for the SAT cracking.

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