Secrets Revealed About Cranberry For The Treatment Of Yeast Infection

Information cranberry for treatment of vaginal infection spreads like a virus all over the internet now.

Everyone talks about the benefits and power of this amazing natural yeast infection cure cure. Surprisingly, one of the treatments is that suppliers of conventional natural health care and promote it as an effective weapon against fungal infections. Cranberry yeast infection cures have been found to be very effective in inhibiting the growth of yeast and thus help cure the infection.

Unlike some conventional methods, cranberries do more than treat the symptoms. A
nti-infective activity of cranberry in the urinary tract is well known. The FDA has authorized the use of cranberry juice as an antimicrobial agent and can therefore be used to treat urinary tract infections which sometimes consist of a fungal infection. Especially inhibits the adhesion of bacteria to urinary pithelial cells.

This miracle fruit is known to enhance immunity and those with strong immune systems often are not victims of yeast infections. Remember, a natural solution to produce the best results, the optimal immune function is needed to fight against fungal infections. Cranberry to treat vaginal infections is also beneficial because it apparently has an ideal pH for the vagina and thus helps to speed recovery!

Getting the most Cranberry yeast infection cures Results

Because sugar will feed the yeast and promote their growth, cocktail cranberry juice or cranberry juice with added sugars are a big no-no. F
resh cranberries should be your first choice for yeast infection cures cranberry. Finally, if all else fails, you can try cranberry capsules. They are easily available in pharmacy, health food store or even Walmart. Cranberry yeast infection cures require straight undiluted cranberry fresh or consumed as fresh juice.


While fresh fruit juices and free cranberry sugar are best for everyone if you have diabetes or glucose intolerance, you must take extra precautions and drink without sugar to avoid unnecessarily increase your blood sugar. In addition, high doses of cranberry can cause stomach upset and diarrhea, or may increase the risk of kidney stones in people with a history of oxalate stones.

Remember cranberry for treatment of vaginal yeast infection (and male yeast infection) is only part of a well balanced program. You should get a list of foods and healthy healing to prevent fungal infection and that will keep your system balanced and healthy.

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