Simple Recipes, Quick and Healthy Salad Exotica

The salad is one of the most variedly plates used worldwide. Usually consists of slices of fresh vegetables and cheese. Salad is available in a range of varieties that are distinguished by the food culture and customs.

Salad includes a variety of crisp green leaves with nuts and grains. You can also add fruits, grains, pasta, poultry, dairy products and various other foods. They can be eaten hot or cold medium.

One of the most common forms and salad widely used is "green salad", which offers a mix of various vegetables with lots of dressing and sauces. The salad is a versatile dish that can be used in summer or winter, autumn or spring time of year you want. There is a wide variety of salads such as Caesar salad, Greek salad, dessert salads and much more.

arden salad is one of the salads used varied including lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers and many other things are also included in this. It is mostly served with balsamic vinaigrette or ranch dressing to make it one of the best salads.

Caesar salad is a traditional salad offered by most American restaurants. They are often referred to as the king of salads. I
ncludes Caesar salad croutons, parmesan cheese and lettuce and more. Credit for creating this salad is Caesar Cardini.

Cobb salad was invented by the restaurant owner Bob Hollywood Brown Derby Cobb. It consists of tomatoes, chicken, crispy bacon, with boiled eggs and chives. Cobb dressing will vary with the choice of an individual. If you like vinegar, then your salad will surely contain vinegar, but the sugar, salt, pepper, lemon juice are also used for the dressing on the salad according to preference.

Greek salad is part of Greek meal. This salad is very famous in the world. It consists of seasoned red onion oregano, salt and pepper, and chopped tomato, cucumber, which is covered with olive oil. Village salad is another type of Greek salad containing lettuce, often containing slices of tomato, cucumber, along with onions and Kasseri cheese or feta who are seasoned with olive oil or lemon juice.

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