Social WiFi Technology As Car Dealers Use Mobile Marketing To Access Most Buyers!

Wi-Fi social technology

Car dealers Help close deals

Mobile marketing easier with Wi-Fi social technology. Immediate reach mobile buyers to sell and promote expensive items such as cars and trucks for mobile users when they enter your lot before looking for your competition.

We found that dealers who use mobile communication tools enhance the experience of the roaming user which leads to a proven ROI increased.

Potential customers who visit your showroom, service and business lot are the ideal audience for the provision of social marketing messages through social WiFi
connections, this mobile marketing method can make the difference between simply research or purchase.

Regular customers are more receptive to the targeted mobile messaging, which are designed to encourage the purchase of the latest model or benefiting merchants special offers for new cars, service and parts.

Mobile users are looking for and buying expensive items such as cars and trucks. Dealers who adopt the user of mobile technology, such as social WiFi access points improve the mobile user experience for increased sales.

Social Vs. WiFi Free WiFi?

The typical Wi-Fi Internet connection is at the dealer, paid monthly for limited bandwidth access, limited control, private or public. A social WiFi hotspot is a wireless bridge that allows public users to access the Internet. mobile user to give permission, sign up with a social media account, in exchange for sharing dealer or marketing deals pages. The dealer marketing department control the mobile experience as the time period of the user on the line, and the types of auto or truck users promotions to buy, helping the utility to turn the Wi-Fi service in a marketing machine profitable mobile.

oncession of benefits

This mobile marketing technology helps potential buyers who visit the exhibition, technical assistance or parking area around the building with direct access to immediate auto rebates, discounts, inventory overloaded before buyers start looking on the Internet for money and comparative models. Social WiFi could make the difference between "just watch" and purchase.

Mobile Marketing solves two problems for auto dealers

Maintains mobile customers that the dealer before seeking the competition.
A Mobile opportunity to promote your brand, special offers and information to the mobile user capture contact

Mobile users seeking social WiFi places to get free access to the Internet while waiting for service, shop or buy. C
ommitment and promotion of buying opportunities.

Capture the details and demographics of the user contact.

    Capture the details of people looking around the company, even if their offices are closed!
ollow-up communications to redirect mobile users for days, weeks and months after they have visited.
    Turn an unproductive 10 minutes in their waiting areas in a precious link, the promotion of new car or a service commitment
Get as' self promoting your Facebook mobile users

Auto dealers should use tools and mobile marketing technologies today as a competitave advantage.

Social WiFi hotspots Installation

Install the technology in your business is as simple as an oil change.

Make sure you get window stickers or wall "Free WiFi" and promotional cards to promote your social WiFi for mobile users.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is cheaper than some spark plugs per month. Offering the service offers a huge advantage for traffic and increased foot of revenue.

Mobile WiFi coverage

Most car dealerships inland areas can be covered by only one social WiFi router, keeping costs to a minimum. Social WiFi is a game changer for your car company! M
obile customers expect a great mobile experience, if they move quickly to those who do. Wi-Fi social technology will generate more leads and direct sales to dealers as social media. A mobile lead generation service that will change the automotive industry in each local world wide market.

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