Some Recipes Tasty Healthy Salad

We all want healthy food on a tray, and a healthy diet should be appetizing. Fortunately, salads gained a reputation for being healthy and delicious. When mixed with honey, almonds and walnut vinaigrette with oil, it is the perfect accompaniment to smoked meats.

• Folder fruit salad - pineapple, pear and other fruit can be tossed with pasta. Add cheese, lean ham and vegetables for a nutritious salad perfectly. Many prefer balsamic vinegar kick.

• P
otato salad with a creamy sauce - nothing can go wrong with it. Then spread some fresh herbs.

Bulgur salad with shrimp - parboiled bulgur can be prepared quickly.

• Salad garlic and tomato - Choose red and green tomatoes for a pleasant color scheme. You get a deliciously healthy salad recipe.

• Grilled Veggies and Rigatoni Salad - grilled vegetables make a good combination with a thick crust and a tangy dressing. This salad can be served with meat or chicken.

• Warm chicken salad with sesame - Chicken strips coated with sesame seeds, cornflakes, breadcrumbs and a crunchy vegetarian dish.

• Pasta with smoked trout salad - Serve this midweek with whole wheat bread. This enticing salad recipe is good for the heart of all.

Imagine pieces of tuna, potato slices, tasty tomatoes and crunchy mixed beans for a tasty treat. This salad goes well with whole wheat baguettes.

• Tropical salmon salad - salmon has a rich flavor that is complemented by the orange fruit and mango.

• Oriental Chicken and Pasta Salad - fish sauce, red peppers, and rice vinegar give this pasta bowl an exotic flavor. When added with crunchy vegetables, you get a perfectly healthy dish.

• Asian Chicken Salad - fried chicken with green onions, oranges, litchis and peas give this chicken salad oriental taste. D
ressing creamy peanut complete this salad.

• Filet Mignon Salad - The lean steak meat is roasted and placed on top of greens.

Shrimp with mango and melon - with light sauce and a little honey and fresh mint salad recipe that should be delicious.

• Lobster Salad - This sumptuous dish is prepared with vegetables, pepper, peas pieces, raisins and unpeeled boiled potatoes mixed with sauce enriched with lime.
• Mango Chicken Salad - This is done tender grilled chicken tossed, asparagus and potatoes. Mango slices, mesclun salad and fresh orange sauce make this healthy dish and very tasty.

• Creamy Turkey with walnuts and raisins - This is just one of the recipes of healthy salads. This low fat salad can be made from roast turkey leftovers.

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