Someone Can Challenge Cisco To The Leadership Of Equipment and Data Network?

Regarding network providers and data equipment suppliers, we can really compete with Cisco? Yes, Cisco holds a huge share of the networking industry pie. However, HP, Nortel, Alcatel, Huwaei have recently been aggressively watching this space for more market share. But for anyone who truly challenge Cisco's dominance ... they have their work cut out for them.
Cisco keeps smaller players such as Juniper market data networks and foundries to avoid monopoly situations. With the largest footprint, the depth of penetration and wide open wide range of high quality products, which has built a significant level of sustainability in its competitive business strategy.

Concerning Alcatel (or Alcatel-Lucent) and Nortel will, they can be classified as more than the players comm players data telecommunications and HP is very diverse compared with Cisco as a player of pure data networks.

Cisco's business may be threatened by changes in consumer preferences / application (external) or technological obsolescence of existing products (internal), which are difficult to imagine, because of capital resources to spend on market research and niche acquisitions.

Juniper is positioned at various levels to compete with Cisco. With its newly released key platform and J-series routers and the acquisition of Netscreen, and Redline etc. Juniper already fiercely competed for space in the core network and marginally well with the ISP market. They are not cracked the company very well, however. With its new product launches directly to Cisco drove their perch, we can see the changing landscape. H
ealth innovation and drive competitive prices downward forces.

If Juniper can never find an effective marketing plan and reject the stupid caricature of trying to be funny, they may have a legitimate chance. Remember the OS / 2 did not die for the quality of the absence or desirable characteristics.

Nortel has established the necessary resource, functionality and footprint in the voice industry. As the line between voice and blurs traditional data, Nortel will be a growing threat.

However, a component of the issue away was "why Cisco has this position?" The answer to this question can be found in the answer to how courses of third cycle studied Cisco IT or Cisco or certified used equipment Cisco for your training? Interestingly, the reaction is longer. There is very little Juniper accredited license, and even less of Nortel graduates, let alone Huawei. But that does not mean that their products are better, worse or Cisco. IIT simply means that Cisco has skillfully used the brand to differentiate itself from competitors. P
eople, by nature gravitate to what they know and feel comfortable. The same question can be asked about McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nike.

The difference is not so much technical side equipment suppliers, it is to approach marketing companies.

Cisco, although a manfacturer, is marketed as a "supplier of systems" that can only be achieved through joint strategies with leading systems integrators. This led customers to believe that Cisco is bigger and more versatile than it is a very clever approach. Cisco still at a platform to enable its customers to adopt the IP strategy in the area of ​​data and voice without massive initial cost. So, cross the limit of voice and data (normal strict division).

Juniper markets for voice to say the voice of the elderly PBX features, such as the telecommunications market.

Procurve sells a rigorous SMB market and is a cheap reseller product.

The Chinese have developed a Cisco competitor based in Basingstoke, UK. However, it lacks a solid marketing plan with customers.

It's what most companies are trying to sell. However, there are still strong divisions in the working papers of the end user / customer ... with rooms and an area for data and voice frames ... in another.

ach manufacturer, each integarator different arenas with different skills to work together to solve / serve customer needs. The client needs an aspirin for a headache .... Cisco will dominate your market with a solid stategic partnership program with direct relationships with customers. For example with a friend just to make an assessment of 3Com, Cisco and HP. The three companies make products that can easily provide you with a fantastic network. At the end Cisco offered significant discounts that make the competition but are not willing to extend the cuts for any length of time.

They are a Cisco shop, and they are really fair to compare them with other companies for various reasons. Since, in general, two products are about one third the cost. HP is a line of audio, thoughtful, and has a lifetime warranty. They know exactly how to position your product, and the value. Its popular selling circles run around the competition. The HP solution allows you to use the chassis wiring closets ... if you choose ... without paying a real price. Its key operating system appears to be very similar to Cisco, but there are fundamental differences that some will find refreshing and a bit frustrating. Cisco better look for these guys.

3Com has a range of impressive products in 4500, 5500, 5500G and 8800 products. It costs as much as the cost difference between motorized and nonmotorized switches. The OSM module is a riser card access linux.

The key operating system is a bit IOSish ... but it has improved the way, you can refer to it ( "show it" is amazing) and how to debug work.

Over the past three years 3com greatly improved their support staff. In fact, they call the phone (Cisco that people seem to want to do more) and seem to offer a high level of expertise.

3Com offers two lines of IP PBX NBX and VCX. The NBX PBX is a small and medium solid rock that works very well, and offers many features. Sometimes short, however, if you are looking for a solution to the enterprise level. It can climb almost as big as you want it, offers many features, well they fought with him in the first place, is now a very stable product.

This product line is amazing, and they can beat the Cisco price, even with Cisco to achieve incredibly high discounts. If 3com is never forgiven to leave the main market when they did, and they never learn how to market their products effectively, they could easily capture a large part from Cisco market.

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